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Fantastic Pet Care Services!

Fantastic pet care services! For as long as I live in the area, I will use Woof-Purr and recommend them to anyone who needs pet care services.

Colleen the owner is fantastic and is so thorough – you get the feeling she truly wants to give your pet the best care and attention.

Julie has been our pet caretaker the past few times we’ve used Woof Purr and we love her!  She is awesome and truly an animal lover.  We have 2 cats and 1 dog – 1 cat that needs medication, another cat that likes to eat the other’s food, and a shy senior dog.  Julie handles them all like a pro.  She sends updates and pics and from all the pics they look happy as can be!

It’s such a weight of your shoulders when you can travel and not worry about your pets at home because they’re well taken care of. So happy to have found Colleen and Julie.

Tamara M.

Posted August 11th, 2014.

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Genuinely Cares About Animals!

Need someone who really cares about you and your animals? Check out Woof Purr!

We contacted Cole with barely a minute’s notice when we needed someone to watch our baby while we made an overnight trip. Cole fit us into her very busy holiday weekend schedule to come by and meet our dog (even after we warned her that she could be aggressive to strangers). Unfortunately our dog tried to nip Cole when they met and we all decided it was better if they knew each other better before Cole tried to come by when we weren’t here.

Even after being treated so rudely by our nervous dog, Cole offered to come by the morning when we were out of town to make sure our dog was alright. She sent us a picture and set our hearts to rest. It was obvious that Cole had kept our dog and our situation in her mind.

If you want someone who genuinely cares about animals (and their owners’ piece of mind) give Cole a call!!

Eric K.

Posted June 26th, 2014.

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Consistently Happy With The Service They Provide!

I’ve been using the services of Woof Purr for nearly a year and I am consistently happy with the service they provide!

Julie comes and walks my dog Layla 3-5 days a week and Layla is always calm and content and worn out when I get home from work, which is great! She also always texts me after they’re done walking and lets me know what they did, how my dog is, and so on, so I always know that she has been taken care of!

I’ve also used Woof Purr’s dog sitting services and have no complaints there, either! When I get home from vacations Layla seems content and well-cared for. Both times I used the dog sitting services, Cole (the owner) called me to make sure I’d be home on time and didn’t need the dog sitter to come back for any reason. That definitely impressed me – Cole has always seemed to really care about Layla and her well being.

I highly recommend WoofPurr.la to everyone!

Emma K.

Posted May 28th, 2014.

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May Actually Love Our Dogs More Than We Do!

Entrusting someone, anyone, with your babies, your children, may be one of the hardest decisions you can make.

In this case, our babies are Gertrude & Dexter.

We met Cole a few years back when we were needle-in-haystack searching for a trusted human to watch over our little “monsters” when we were traveling, or just needed a break from life in Los Angeles.

Cole, Colleen, may actually love our dogs more than we do?

I can’t think of any experience we’ve had with Woof-Purr that wasn’t exceptional.

We always felt super-comfortable leaving our pups with Cole for extended periods. We always received photos, videos of them having fun!

So yes, it’s a big leap of faith to leave your dogs with someone for the first time, or any time. I can comfortably say that Cole is wholly trustworthy. She works as hard as anyone I know. She’d dedicated, protective of your pet and diligent with her staff.

You’ll be fortunate, I think, to have your pet in Cole’s hands.

Abby G.

Posted May 8th, 2014.

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I Was IMMEDIATELY Impressed!

My boyfriend and I have an unusually large pet family with a variety of special needs. We have two cranky chihuahuas, two senior big dogs, several indoor cats, a small flock of backyard chickens and a fish pond. Needless to say, it is hard to find someone to take care of the brood, so we RARELY leave town for more than 1-2 nights.  I actually hadn’t been home to visit my family in 10 years because I was sure nobody could manage our home for any kind of extended time period. Our pets need a lot of help– special diets, multiple medications, immaculate litterboxes, potty problems, lots of houseplants, etc.
I met Colleen through my vet office and decided to have Woof-Purr come for some day visits for the kiddos to break up our long work hours first before I planned anything extravagant like a trip… The initial meeting was fun and professional.  My pets took to Colleen and Sheri right away and you could tell that the feeling was mutual. The ladies came in and sat on our floor, letting the boys lick their faces, even though their breath is…um…unsavory at best.  I was immediately impressed.

We decided that on the days my BF and I both worked long shifts, we’d have either Sheri or Sarah come over to take the dogs out and give everyone else some TLC. What a treat for everyone in our family that from  the very first day, not a detail is missed!  Water and food bowls are cleaned and replenished. Mail brought in, plants watered and the porchlight turned on when I get home. My oldest cat who doesn’t groom herself much anymore looks like a beauty queen (well, for her at least)– she gets brushed!  Litterboxes are thoroughly cleaned and the floor swept.  Each morning’s new chicken eggs rest comfortably in the fridge, even though I told Colleen and Sheri they could absolutely take them home (because there is nothing like fresh eggs from happy hens!).  No potty accidents on the floor, which is wonderful!! This is definitely a luxury our kids deserve when I know we will both be pulling long shifts simultaneously.

And so after several months of day visits, we decided it was time for us to take a real vacation at the beginning of this year.  The perfect opportunity was there– my grandmother was celebrating her 90th birthday in St. Louis. This we could not miss, and by boyfriend would be meeting her for the first time in our 4 years together!  Although I was nervous about leaving for FIVE WHOLE NIGHTS, I was much more nervous about the nightmare I’d come back to at work, the costs involved with traveling, the stress of flying, the worry that my back would be killing me from sleeping in a strange bed, and that I would pack wrong.  I was confident that our pet family would be in good hands.  Although I would miss them (and vice-versa?) I was surprised that I was comfortable that they would be OK while we were away. (Is this how parents feel when kids go away to summer camp?)

Anyway, our trip went off without any major problems and we actually had a very nice time.  We got text pictures from Colleen, Sheri and Sarah of the kids having fun without us nearly every day!  We had run out of renal supplement for Albert who has kidney disease because it was on backorder at the vet, but Colleen picked it up from them when it came in. When we got home, the kids were clean and happy, we had a grip of eggs in the fridge, none of our plants were dead or even sad looking.  The mail was neatly stacked on the side-table as we requested.  Nothing was out of place.  NOTHING.

Even though I forgot to pack enough pants for this trip and work was indeed chaotic when I returned to the office, I think we could take a vacation once or twice a year without too much stress.  Who knew that hiring a pet sitting service would be kinda like therapy.  I feel so much more zen about leaving town and realize now that my love of my pets had created a kind of phobia about traveling. No more! We are actually going on another trip in June and feel quite good about it! Thank you, Woof-Purr, for being so awesome!

Effie B.

Posted May 3rd, 2014.

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I Cannot Say Enough Good Things!

I cannot say enough good things about Cole and her crew. I recently went on vacation for 10 days and had her take care of my 3 dogs. I returned to find them happy and well taken care of, they were even bathed and smelling fresh when I picked them up. I will highly recommend her and her staff!

Ramon H.

Posted April 9th, 2014.

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Cares For My Animals The Way I Do!

I really can’t say enough good things about Cole, Sheri and the whole Woof Purr staff. I’ve been with them for 2 years; they’ve been walking my dog and periodically cat sitting for me. Cole is extremely professional, and cares for my animals the way I do. I know I can trust them 110% with my babies, and it’s such a relief to have that. Also Cole is super customer-service oriented, always accommodating her clients,  even last minute requests. I am so glad to have found such a reliable dog walker and pet sitter! You cannot go wrong with Woof Purr!

Nicole S.

Posted March 26th, 2014.

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Very Professional!

I had never hired a cat sitter before and, come to think of it, wouldn’t even trust some of my friends to take care of my kitties because I’m a bit overprotective (and yes, neurotic) about them. So hiring a complete stranger took a big leap of faith. But it was time to let go of my helicopter-mom parenting style so I chose Woof-Purr based on the Yelp reviews (not to mention the cute name!).

I was impressed with how Colleen managed her business – she took it seriously and was very professional. She scheduled a consultation prior to the sitting date so that she and Krista can meet my kitties and confirm all the logistics. Emails or texts were sent to confirm bookings, provide daily updates (with pics) on my kitties’ care, and to confirm I made it back home as scheduled.

Colleen and Krista are definitely animal people and I felt good leaving my kitties in their care.

Jules L.

Posted March 1st, 2014.

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Super-Professional and Caring!

Colleen got back to me right away, was super-professional and caring, had totally appropriate paperwork no other pet sitter ever gave me, and has a great sense of humor. Before we left town she brought Krista over to meet our 16-year-old cat Sasha; Krista took great care of my girl and texted me with info and a picture every day, which I loved. They were both friendly, thorough, and obviously knowledgable and loving when it comes to animals. I felt Sasha was in great care, which was a huge relief to me.

Stephanie H.

Posted February 22nd, 2014.

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Peace of Mind..

Peace of mind… that’s what Woof-Purr offers. It’s an invaluable comfort when on vacation.
Colleen (owner) is very professional and thorough and Sheri is an angel to my golden Chow Chow mix and three cats. So grateful to have found them through Yelp and cannot recommend their attentive, loving services highly enough!

Rosemary S.

Posted February 19th, 2014.

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Simply Amazing!

Woohoo is right!  Cole is the only one I will trust with my little girl Chai.  Friends of mine who use Cole recommended her when I fired my previous walkers for storing my house keys under the patio furniture of a nearby apartment building. Cole has turned out to be the best recommendation that I have ever received.  She is simply amazing!  I often travel, or get caught up with a work project, but I know I can always rely on Cole to take extra special care of my Frenchie.  Cole knows how much I love my little girl and when I am travelling I always get a daily text report on how she’s doing.  I even get some of the best pictures, which always puts a smile on my face!  I only need to mention the name “Cole” and Chai gets all excited. They are best buddies.  I can’t count the number of times when people have come up to me on the street and told me what an amazing dog walker I have!  Cole is always punctual, super professional, and above all, a complete animal lover!

Robert D.
Los Angeles

Posted January 24th, 2014.

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I love knowing that my dog is in good hands!

“I highly recommend WoofPurr.LA. We have used them for almost a year now and I have nothing but great things to say.  WoofPurr.LA has proven to be very reliable, caring, trustworthy, and always flexible with last minute changes. Izzy loves her afternoon walks and treats, and I love knowing that my dog is in good hands!”


Posted January 24th, 2014.

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Kind, Loving, Warm, and Compassionate!

“1 year ago I needed a dog sitter and made at least 50+ phone calls to find the right person. When I spoke with Cole on the phone something clicked and made me like her immediately.  She came across friendly, happy, kind, nice and open. She was very informative in answering  all the questions I had for her.

She offered to come over to the house to meet the dogs, not like all the other people. Cole just made it super easy for me as a client. She gave me the option of either staying at the house or  taking the dogs to her place. I thought that was fantastic!!  What a difference compared to all the other inflexible dog sitters.

Her wonderful personality and flexibility made it an instant go! She is nice, clean, reliable, honest and I can trust her.  Her actions speak louder than words. Cole’s kind, loving, carrying, warm, and compassionate personality are a true treasure and rare to find. She is always full of life with good and happy energy. It has been already 1 year now that I started using her services and I am so glad I did. I can not imagine someone else to take care of my dogs and care for them as much as she does. She will take them for walks, sleeps with them during the night, gives them their meals and medicine on time, plays, loves them and gives them attention as if  they were be her own. Her heart is huge towards human and animals. While I am out of the country she will update me with emails about the “babies” happenings and from time to time I would receive cute pictures of them.  I asked Colleen if she would obtain dental cleaning at her house for one of my dogs and she did it. When I asked her to have the dogs groomed before my arrival she did that also.

Cole and her services are really excellent and very reliable. I can trust her completely and know never to be let down!  Cole will go the extra mile, even when I am back home and the dogs are with me, she will just call from time to time to say hi and check in how the babies are doing.  She truly is a fantastic and a most caring  dog sitter. Her honesty is such an asset and rare to find these day in this town. I appreciate her very much.
Thank you Cole for being you, please stay the way you are and never change! -because – YOU ARE THE BEST!!”

With love Heidi, Paco and Pennelope


My sweetest Cole, I found a little site on the Internet today, “What does your relationship to your dogs say about you?” When I read the following, I knew it was you- a true ANGEL in person!
Please consider putting this onto your web site, because it is so much YOU!!!

I – we love you with all of our heart and soul, Thank you for being you- tons of love and kisses yours, gratefully Heidi, Daniel, Paco and Pennelope !!!


AngelYou’re attracted to the “wounded and the suffering,” seeing “beauty in the sickest, smallest, skinniest, shyest of dogs.” We should be throwing rose petals at your feet, say the authors of “Dogology” for adopting and rescuing dogs that others may find less desirable. You may have one or two dogs or a whole bunch, but chances are, one or more of them may be one-eyed, three-legged, or needing to wear doggy diapers. Do you “lie awake at night worrying about all the animals that need help?” Chances are, you’re an Angel. And we are grateful.

Posted January 24th, 2014.

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Trustworthy Animal Pet Sitter!!

When I met Cole, I told her my cat stories and felt comfortable right away. I discovered that Cole was a gifted animal person who relates to both the person and their pet. I found this to be rare in the animal world!  Cole allows me enough space to articulate my cat needs and my human needs which is comforting to me.

I’m so happy to know Cole, a devoted and trust worthy animal Pet Sitter, who is also very  nice as well. ”


Posted January 24th, 2014.

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Warm and Friendly!

“Few things stress us out like the feeling that our dogs have not gotten the care and attention they need on a long work day.  With Cole taking care of our two girls several times a week, we rarely have to worry anymore.  Cole has been walking our 7-year-old golden retriever and our 11-year-old chocolate lab for almost eight months now, and our dogs have simply fallen for her.  They’re not anxious and crazy when we come home, and we know the dogs love her.  They run up to her car whenever they see her.  Cole is flexible and reliable.  She’s gone above and beyond for us on numerous occasions.  She’s warm and friendly, but most importantly, we trust her with two incredibly valuable parts of our lives.  She’s taken great care of us and we’re sure she’ll do the same for you.”

Emily and Richie Duchon
(Lola and Kodi’s mom and dad)

Posted January 24th, 2014.

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Pet Sitting and Walking Services of the Highest Quality


“I have been using Colleen’s pet sitting service for almost one year and am completely satisfied with the superior way Colleen conducts herself and her business.

Colleen can be expected to provide pet sitting and walking services of the highest quality simply because she is a true professional.  I have on numerous occasions had the need to have Buddy, my five year old shepherd mix, watched while I was out of town for up to two weeks.  She has given me the independence to travel without guilt and the security of knowing that Buddy is in the best care possible.
I chose Colleen of www.woofpurr.la not only because of her great track record, but because she agreed to a quick interview and displayed an outstanding amount of love and affection toward Buddy when they first met. She also showed a deep understanding of all the nuances involved in dealing with animals, and I loved her open and caring personality.

Colleen handles a sometimes difficult dog with great attention.  Buddy has a thyroid condition and requires medication every day and is sometimes hard to feed.  Colleen is patient and caring and has been able to coax him to eat and take his medication.  I have become spoiled by Colleen’s service.  She walked him three times a day and even managed to teach Buddy some great tricks.  Colleen also added the tremendous touches of bringing in my mail and watering my plants while I was gone, and she always follows up with phone calls.

I highly recommend using  www.woofpurr.la pet sitting and walking service.”

Santa Monica, CA

Posted January 24th, 2014.

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The Absolute Best!

“Cole has been taking care of my three Chihuahua’s since August of 2008.  I knew from the moment I met her that they would be in good hands.   She is a true animal lover through and through and animals can’t help but gravitate toward her.  She is beyond responsible with everything from feedings to walkings to dispensing medicine.  She has stayed with them overnight on numerous occasions and frankly, they may like her more than they like me!!  She’s the absolute best and anyone who uses her services is definitely in the best of hands!”

Posted January 24th, 2014.

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Your Special Kind of TLC

We wanted to thank you from the bottom of our purring hearts for taking such wonderful care of us when our mom and dad went away for such a looooong time.  It is so horrible to be left alone not knowing if anyone is ever coming back to care for us.  We get REALLY scared.  But having you come by not once but twice a day made us feel very special.  We didn’t miss mom and dad (mom and dad who?) at all.
We wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your special kind of TLC and were hoping you would add us to your collection of website admirers.  We will be looking forward to seeing you again.  Mom and dad have the OK to take off whenever they want – long as we have you.

Big e-purr,
Cody, Alex, SugarBear and Ripley Jacobson

Posted January 24th, 2014.

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I Highly Recommend Woof Purr to Anyone !!!!

We are so thrilled we found this great company. AMBER IS OUR walker and she is terrific…always on time,with a smile…my dogs have fallen in love. They wag their tails and dont want her to  leave…Cole runs things very efficiently..very flexible if i need more days than scheduled.these women  are true dog lovers,and from now on I would never uses anyone else. I would highly recommend woof purr to anyone !!!!A great find xxx

Barbara F.

Culver City, CA

Posted January 23rd, 2014.

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I Was Impressed!

I had never hired a cat sitter before and, come to think of it, wouldn’t even trust some of my friends to take care of my kitties because I’m a bit overprotective (and yes, neurotic) about them. So hiring a complete stranger took a big leap of faith. But it was time to let go of my helicopter-mom parenting style so I chose Woof-Purr based on the Yelp reviews (not to mention the cute name!).

I was impressed with how Colleen managed her business – she took it seriously and was very professional. She scheduled a consultation prior to the sitting date so that she and Krista can meet my kitties and confirm all the logistics. Emails or texts were sent to confirm bookings, provide daily updates (with pics) on my kitties’ care, and to confirm I made it back home as scheduled.

Colleen and Krista are definitely animal people and I felt good leaving my kitties in their care.

Jules S.

Posted January 22nd, 2014.

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Peace of Mind!

Peace of mind… that’s what WoofPurr offers.  It’s an invaluable comfort when on vacation.
Colleen (owner) is very professional and thorough and Sheri is an angel to my golden Chow Chow mix and three cats.  So grateful to have found them through Yelp and cannot recommend their attentive, loving services highly enough!

Rosemary S.

Posted November 26th, 2013.

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WoofPurr.la Is Hands Down The Best Pet Sitting Company!

When my beau and I decided to move to L.A. (round #2 for me), other than traffic, the thing I was most dreading was finding all new “Go-To’s”. You know, my go-to sushi spot, dry cleaners, hair stylist, and most importantly, a go-to cat sitter.

I won’t let just anyone watch our kitties. Mostly because they are picky as hell. My cats require lots of TLC, eat a special diet (in a special way), and are generally very high maintenance. I love them to the moon and back. But these cats are Diva’s with a capital D.

When I first chatted with Colleen from Woof-Purr, I just had a good feeling. She is so sweet, personable and fun. And she LOVES animals (all of them). You can really tell she lives and breathes her work and has the utmost love and respect for all of the sweet animals that come across her path. She exudes love with a necessary dose of assertiveness. I think she might be the female Cesar Millan.

Anyhoo, Colleen and Sheri (who is the one who took care of the kitties while we were away) both came over and spent 15 minutes or so getting to know me and the cats. They were incredibly thorough, responsible and asked a lot of questions. Plus, they were fun to talk to – having a sense of humor goes a long way in my book! I was very impressed with both of them.

When we got back from our 5 day trip, the cats basically could’ve cared less that we were home (an excellent sign that they didn’t want for anything while we were away). Sheri texted me every time she was at our house, let us know how they were doing and made me feel super relaxed about leaving them in her care. Honestly, these two ladies are a Godsend.

Hallelujah! I can check one “go-to” off my list. Woof-Purr is hands down the best pet sitting company I’ve worked with in L.A. and beyond. Definitely give them a try.

Stephanie W.

Posted June 27th, 2013.

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