Dog Walking
Walks are customized to fit your dog’s energy level and your neighborhood. Poop is scooped, medication (when required) is given along with fresh water and feeding can be provided as well.

Cat Visits
In-home cat visits (30 minutes) include playing, litterbox cleaning, feeding and fresh water and lots of love during playtime. Administering medication (when required).

Dog Visits
In-home dog visits (30 minutes) include playing, brushing, fresh water, food, walking and yard waste clean-up and lots of love. Administering medication (when required).

Home Sleepovers
Includes feeding, playing, evening and morning walks, litter or cage cleaning, administering medication (when required).  In addition we can also water plants, bring in mail, turn lights on and off. Mid-day walks will incur an additional charge. Overnight stays are available for any animal that is your pet. If you have an additional pet that is staying at your home that is not your pet an extra $5 fee will be charged. No extra charge for lots of love.

Holidays – $15 Per Service Surcharge
New Years Eve
New Years Day
Memorial Day
4th of July
Labor Day
Day after Thanksgiving
Eve Christmas