Employment Application Package




Dear pet sitter or dog walker,
Thank you for your interest in working with Woof-Purr LLC.
After looking over the information you have received, please mail this packet back to us. We will then contact you for an interview if you seem like
the right person for the jobs we have available.Read the job description detailing the position you are interested in, sign it at the bottom and fill out
the enclosed application(s).

If you are applying for the overnight sitting position please provide at least two names and numbers of pet owners who have had you care for their pets
overnight(not crucial for daily pet visiting/walking positions but mandatory for those interested in overnight sits). Thanks!
Please fill out applications (so that we can consider you for the interviews we’ll be doing next week).
Please give packet back to:


Take good care,

Colleen Jones

Dog Walking Description Sheet
****Please note: You must have a car (and be insured), computer access, cell phone and a deep love for dogs and cats to apply for this position! Must also
be able to self-manage and also must be comfortable walking in the rain.****

Job description for Dog Walkers:
After being hired, you will for to an initial interview to meet the owner and the dog(s) to see if it is a good fit for you. You will not be compensated for the
interview as it is a chance to see if the dogs are a good match for you and vice versa. If you need to make additional visits before starting with this particular
client (shy dog or other reasons) you will be compensated for additional visits.

If you want to walk multiple dogs or if you want to take dogs to a trail or dog park, your car will need to be ‘dog-friendly’. Most dogs will be walked in their
neighborhood. Please be aware that dogs may shed hair in your car and/or may track mud in during the rainy season. A heavy blanket and towels are good
items to bring with you to protect your car.

Even when it is raining, dogs still need to go out. Dogs won’t need to go out the normal time of 30 minutes; you can walk them for 20 to 25 minute (depending on rain).
Do you have rain gear that will keep you dry? ________
Do you feel comfortable driving/walking in the rain? ________

If dogs get dirty on hike or walk please hose them off and towel dry them (owners will provide towels) before putting them back in house. If walking
in the rain, please dry dog off with a towel. The owner will thank you!

A flexible window of time will be given to you by myself or owners which to walk the dog. This usually is a 2 or 3-hour window of time during mid-day hours (11-2
are the usual dog walk times).

At the initial interview you will be given key to Client’s home or shown where key is hidden outside.
Occasionally Clients are home sick or taking a day off at home, please be aware that even if you don’t see Client, he/she may be home.
Please put the key in your pocket as soon as you get in the house so you don’t forget it inside and lock yourself out!
Even if you are walking a very friendly dog (and most of them are) remember that some of the dogs you will see on the walk are NOT friendly. Keep the dog
you are walking away from other dogs.
You will initially start out with 1 or 2 dogs at a time to walk. If you want to walk more, we can work you up to three dogs at a time. We at WOOF-PURR do not walk
more than 3 dogs at one time.
All dogs must be on a leash on walk at all times. NO EXCEPTION. Even if the owner says no leash.
When you arrive at walk, you will text office that you have arrived at (dog’s name) and when you leave you will text a short description of the walk to be sent to
the owner. The owners really love to hear about their pets walk.
The pay schedule is as follows:
$10 per 30 minute walk or visit.
$30 Overnight

Please sign the Auto Liability Release Form below for dog walking:
I have a car that is ‘dog-friendly’. I agree not to hold Woof-Purr LLC and/or Client(s) liable for any damage should occur to my car while transporting dogs while
under the employment of Woof-Purr LLC.
Signed________________________________/ date___________________________________________
Print Full Name_________________________________________________________________________
Make/Model of car______________________________________________________________________
Insurance Provider______________________________________________________________________
If you do NOT wish to transport dogs in your car, please sign below:
I am aware that I can walk the dog in the immediate neighborhood and therefore will NOT transport dogs in my car.
Signed________________________________/ date___________________________________________
Print Full Name_________________________________________________________________________

Overnight Pet/House Sitter Description Sheet
Please sign your name at the bottom of the page after reading about the job description for pet/house sitters. Please note: you must have at least 2 local references
(and telephone numbers) for doing overnight pet/house-sitting to apply for this job.

Job Description for Overnight Pet/House Sitters:
Woof-Purr LLC will call you with the details of a potential housesit as well as the location and description of the animals to be cared for. We will then determine a
time that works best for you to meet Client and pet(s) for an initial interview.
The initial interview will be you, the client, and the pets. At the interview please take notes on the Client Interview Sheet provided by Woof-Purr LLC.

NOTE: You will not be paid for the consultation with Client.

Most overnight jobs are anywhere from 2 nights to 3 weeks. Time is usually from 6am or 7pm to 7am. (Sitters can stay longer, if they would like). We prefer to
hire sitters who are available for both durations of sits. Are you available for both short and long durations? YES NO

Some dogs will need a paid mid-day walk in addition to a walk in the morning and evening. Does your daytime schedule allow for a quick mid-day visit
between 11-3ish? YES NO
We require that you call the Woof-Purr LLC office after you’ve met the Client at the initial interview and also each day of the pet sitting job. Once you arrive
and once you leave.
House duties: Most overnights require some plant care. Please be sure to water plants as needed. You are not required to clean the house but we ask that
you clean up after yourself and leaving it looking the exact way you found the house. Sheets will be clean on bed for you. Please wash them and put clean sheet
back on bed before you leave.
You are not required to be there 24 hours a day but you are at least required to be there between 6 pm and 6 am or 7 pm and 7 am (plus a mid-day visit if
owner has requested that). Please note: If you have a time conflict with this, please let us know—we can usually work it out with the Client if we know in advance.
Please do not use Client’s computer for any reason even if they say it is okay. You are welcome to bring your own computer and discuss with Client how to connect
your computer to the internet during your stay.
Our company policy requires that you do not have anyone at the Client’s home during your stay there. If you have any questions or concerns about
this please let Woof-Purr LLC know.

Our company policy requires that while dog/cat sitting no other person is in the house besides you. No drinking alcohol while at the Client’s house.
Where in (your county) would you NOT be able to housesit?
Pay schedule is as follows:
$30 a night for dog & cat housesits
*** Due to the nature of house sitting and the bonding that occurs between sitter and animal (and owner with sitter!) we require at least a 6 month commitment to
working with Woof-Purr LLC on a continual basis. This does not mean that you have to say yes to every job that we call you for but it does mean that you would like
to commit to working with Woof-Purr LLC on an ongoing basis for at least six months.
Do you have any upcoming dates within the next 6 months that you know you will not be able to sit? If so, please put them below:
I have read the above the description about pet/house-sitting and agree to the terms above including not using Client’s computer, not having
guests over at Client’s home, and not consuming alcohol at Client’s home.
Signed________________________________/ date___________________________________________
Print Full Name_________________________________________________________________________

Please read this job description and sign. Thank you!

Job description for Pet Visitors:
Woof-Purr LLC will call you with dates that client will need you and location of sit. You will get directions and we will need you and location of sit. You will get
directions and we will set up an interview time for you to meet client.
Please take notes at the client’s house. Be sure to ask questions about things that aren’t clear to you.
Visit times are 30 minutes for dogs and cats, unless otherwise discussed.
The time will be spent walking the dogs, feeding the animals, cleaning up any messes you (or they) made (counter and spoons cleaned), scooping the litter box daily,
mail and paper pickup, and doing any light watering for indoor/outdoor plants. If you have time left over you can just sit with the dogs and/or cats and play with
them, pet them, and just love them, Remember their owner is at work or out of town and they are lonely.
Important! Please text Woof-Purr LLC after completing your visit to let me know that all went well.
Pet sitting visits times are usually done at roughly the same time each day to keep the continuity for the dogs, cats, and/or birds. Most cat visits are once a day and
that time can (usually) be whenever works into your schedule. If the visits are twice a day for dogs and cats then please do one visit in the morning between 7-9am
and one visit in the early evening (6-8pm) unless the Client requests something different.
You will be given a key to the house. Please put the key in your pocket the moment you arrive in the house so you do not leave the key in the house!
Please also respect Client confidentiality. Do not bring your friends or children to the house or tell anyone that a particular Client is away.
Due to the bonding that occurs between sitter and animal we require at least a six month commitment to working with our company on an ongoing basis for
any position with Woof-Purr LLC. Please let us know if you have any questions about this or are not able to commit to working ongoing with us for the next six months.
Pay schedule for pet visits is as follows:
$10 per 30 minute visit. You will be paid on the 1st of every month. Although, Woof-Purr LLC pays weekly.
Most pet sit “assignments” can be 1 week or more but some may just be over a weekend. I prefer hiring sitters that are available for both.
Are you available for both week + pet sit visits as well as weekends?
YES NO (Circle one)
Please advise us here if you have any upcoming vacations in the next six months and/or dates when you will not be able to pet sit:

By signing below you agree if you are hired by WOOF-PURR LLC you agree to the terms above including not having in the client’s home or
drinking alcohol while you are pet sitting.
Signed________________________________/ date___________________________________________
Print Full Name_________________________________________________________________________
Dog Walking Schedule:
Please write down the hours you are available on the weekdays and weekends below for dog walking and visits. This will help me determine how we
can best work together in the future. Please write down the hours that you expect to be available for dog walking for the next six months. Thank you!
Vacation times I have already scheduled:_________________________________________________________

Are you comfortable walking in the rain? YES NO
Do you own raingear? YES NO

Areas I would consider for walking on the days I have included above: (please circle one or two areas below that are near your home for dog walking)
West Hollywood
Santa Monica
Culver City
Marina Del Rey
Mar Vista
West Los Angeles

Holiday Availability:
Please circle the holidays that you ARE available to do pet sitting:
Thanksgiving Christmas New Years
Will your schedule allow you to work with Woof-Purr LLC for at least a year?
Yes No
(If No): I am available until_______________________________________________.
I already know that I am not available to pet sit or dog walk during these dates below:

Would you be interested in doing cat visits over the holidays?

Yes No
If no, why not?_________________________________________________________________
Do you have any credit, criminal, or driving offenses? If yes, please explain on back. (We will do a criminal and
background check on you before we hire you)
Sign here for permission for us to do a criminal / background check on you. ______________________________
(This is mandatory.)
Do you currently have another job/source of income? What?

How many hours a week do you work at your present job or go to school?
Please list approximate hours per week: _________________/per week.
Do you have any pet ownership, pet care, or pet sitting experience?
YES NO For what kind of animals?

How much do you wish to make per week doing overnight house sitting and/or pet visits?
$_________/week (Please put an actual dollar amount. This will help us both determine if the job is right for you. Thanks.)

Please tell us why you are interested in pet visits, dog walking, and/or house and pet sitting:

Name Phone Type of pets/overnights or visits?
In case of emergency NOTIFY: Name Phone
PREVIOUS JOB EXPERIENCE: Please list your present employer, and last 2 previous employers and how long at each job.
Name Phone How long/why you left

May I contact the above employers for a reference? ______________________________________________________
By signing below I agree that the above information is accurate:
Signed________________________________/ date_____________________

Which position are you interested in? (Circle all that apply)
Daily Cat and/or Dog visits Overnight Pet/House sitting Dog Walking
Can you housesit or do pet visits over all holidays including Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and Easter?
If no, which holidays can you NOT work?__________________________________________________________
List 3 words that would describe why you would make a great pet sitter or dog walker:

Are you available for at least six months to working on an ongoing basis with Woof-Purr LLC?
Would you be interested in doing dog visits over the holidays?
APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT Position_____________________________________________
Social Security #________________________ Birth date______________________________________________
Last Name First Name M. Initial
Home Phone_____________________________________ Cell Phone___________________________________
Which is the best number to reach you on?
May we call both? Yes No
Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________
Mailing Address (if different from above):_________________________________________________________
Email Address: _____________________________ Do you check your email at least once a day? Yes No
Date you can start___________________________
Do you agree to a mandatory criminal and background check on you (This will cost you $20)? YES NO
Sign here to give your authorization_______________________
Do you have reliable transportation with auto insurance? ___________________________
Do you have any physical limitations that would hinder your performance in the position applied for? (If yes, explain)
Do you own pets_______ If yes, state types:
Have you done any pet care in the past? State details: _______________________________________________
EDUCATIONAL HISTORY: Last level of school achieved________________________________________________





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