Kind, Loving, Warm, and Compassionate!

“1 year ago I needed a dog sitter and made at least 50+ phone calls to find the right person. When I spoke with Cole on the phone something clicked and made me like her immediately.  She came across friendly, happy, kind, nice and open. She was very informative in answering  all the questions I had for her.

She offered to come over to the house to meet the dogs, not like all the other people. Cole just made it super easy for me as a client. She gave me the option of either staying at the house or  taking the dogs to her place. I thought that was fantastic!!  What a difference compared to all the other inflexible dog sitters.

Her wonderful personality and flexibility made it an instant go! She is nice, clean, reliable, honest and I can trust her.  Her actions speak louder than words. Cole’s kind, loving, carrying, warm, and compassionate personality are a true treasure and rare to find. She is always full of life with good and happy energy. It has been already 1 year now that I started using her services and I am so glad I did. I can not imagine someone else to take care of my dogs and care for them as much as she does. She will take them for walks, sleeps with them during the night, gives them their meals and medicine on time, plays, loves them and gives them attention as if  they were be her own. Her heart is huge towards human and animals. While I am out of the country she will update me with emails about the “babies” happenings and from time to time I would receive cute pictures of them.  I asked Colleen if she would obtain dental cleaning at her house for one of my dogs and she did it. When I asked her to have the dogs groomed before my arrival she did that also.

Cole and her services are really excellent and very reliable. I can trust her completely and know never to be let down!  Cole will go the extra mile, even when I am back home and the dogs are with me, she will just call from time to time to say hi and check in how the babies are doing.  She truly is a fantastic and a most caring  dog sitter. Her honesty is such an asset and rare to find these day in this town. I appreciate her very much.
Thank you Cole for being you, please stay the way you are and never change! -because – YOU ARE THE BEST!!”

With love Heidi, Paco and Pennelope


My sweetest Cole, I found a little site on the Internet today, “What does your relationship to your dogs say about you?” When I read the following, I knew it was you- a true ANGEL in person!
Please consider putting this onto your web site, because it is so much YOU!!!

I – we love you with all of our heart and soul, Thank you for being you- tons of love and kisses yours, gratefully Heidi, Daniel, Paco and Pennelope !!!


AngelYou’re attracted to the “wounded and the suffering,” seeing “beauty in the sickest, smallest, skinniest, shyest of dogs.” We should be throwing rose petals at your feet, say the authors of “Dogology” for adopting and rescuing dogs that others may find less desirable. You may have one or two dogs or a whole bunch, but chances are, one or more of them may be one-eyed, three-legged, or needing to wear doggy diapers. Do you “lie awake at night worrying about all the animals that need help?” Chances are, you’re an Angel. And we are grateful.
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