May Actually Love Our Dogs More Than We Do!

Entrusting someone, anyone, with your babies, your children, may be one of the hardest decisions you can make.

In this case, our babies are Gertrude & Dexter.

We met Cole a few years back when we were needle-in-haystack searching for a trusted human to watch over our little “monsters” when we were traveling, or just needed a break from life in Los Angeles.

Cole, Colleen, may actually love our dogs more than we do?

I can’t think of any experience we’ve had with Woof-Purr that wasn’t exceptional.

We always felt super-comfortable leaving our pups with Cole for extended periods. We always received photos, videos of them having fun!

So yes, it’s a big leap of faith to leave your dogs with someone for the first time, or any time. I can comfortably say that Cole is wholly trustworthy. She works as hard as anyone I know. She’d dedicated, protective of your pet and diligent with her staff.

You’ll be fortunate, I think, to have your pet in Cole’s hands.

Abby G.

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Posted in Testimonials by WoofPurr.la on May 8th, 2014 at 2:40 am.

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