Warm and Friendly!

“Few things stress us out like the feeling that our dogs have not gotten the care and attention they need on a long work day.  With Cole taking care of our two girls several times a week, we rarely have to worry anymore.  Cole has been walking our 7-year-old golden retriever and our 11-year-old chocolate lab for almost eight months now, and our dogs have simply fallen for her.  They’re not anxious and crazy when we come home, and we know the dogs love her.  They run up to her car whenever they see her.  Cole is flexible and reliable.  She’s gone above and beyond for us on numerous occasions.  She’s warm and friendly, but most importantly, we trust her with two incredibly valuable parts of our lives.  She’s taken great care of us and we’re sure she’ll do the same for you.”

Emily and Richie Duchon
(Lola and Kodi’s mom and dad)

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Posted in Testimonials by WoofPurr.la on January 24th, 2014 at 11:47 pm.

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